Help your Child get Organized to Ensure Homework Success

It is very important to have good organizational skills. If you have a place and a routine for everything, the learning process will go a lot smoother and things will be easier to keep track of. Make sure you talk to your child’s teacher about what is allowed before you do anything questionable.

Keeping a to do or homework assignment list is a good habit to start at most any age. You can buy a calendar or a lesson plan book for your child to write down what they are supposed to do in each subject so that there is no later misunderstandings.

Use different folders or notebooks for each subject. You may also want to color code each subject. This will help your child be able to keep up with subjects. Encourage your child to use an eraser if they need to. Let them know that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes. The more they make, the more they can learn from.

Encourage your child to take notes, if the teacher allows them too. Tell them to jot down any questions they may have along the way. Make sure they know that the only stupid question ones are the ones that go unasked. Encourage them to ask when they do not understand something. Teach your child to respect school property and never write in the books.

Make sure you stick to a schedule. Keep a certain time every day for schoolwork. I can not stress enough the importance of routine. If a child is used to it, you do not have to worry about having problems. Children who do not normally do school work ate likely to rebel.

When your child is working, make sure they are free from distractions. Do not allow them to be watching television, listening to the radio, or playing video games. Do not allow any of this until all tasks at hand are complete. The work area should also be clean and well lit. If you do not have a desk, sit your child at the kitchen table.

Always keep your child involved. Ask them what they think will work best for them. My son has ideas that I would have never thought of. Besides, letting a child be a part of the decision making process makes them feel like they are important, and they are. They are the most important of all.