Helping Children Develop a Love of Reading

Helping children to develop a love for reading is important for their future. Reading is a skill which will fasten the process of obtaining knowledge and they will reach better results in school. It is good for their memory and it is a wonderful form of relaxation.

It is not always easy to help your children to develop a love of reading and you best start already when you are pregnant. It is often said that if you read when your baby is still in your uterus get used to the sounds they hear and develop already some language skills. This makes it easier to help them to instill a love of reading.

Here are some tips which may help you to help children develop a love of reading:

*Talking, singing and reading to your child

It is important you help your child first to learn some vocabulary. It may help to sing a few easy songs, for example Do-Re-Mi (from the Sound of Music), Hey Diddle, Diddle, You are my Sunshine or some other songs which they can try to sing with you. It is also best to talk some easy phrases which they can repeat.

Reading loudly to your child is always helpful and best many times a day. Which child doesn’t like you read them fairytales and they develop very soon already a love for these stories. It is maybe best to read a short story before bedtime and you help them twice. They will sleep very well and they develop some skills of vocabulary.

*Start with books with many pictures

It is maybe best to buy first books with pictures and only a few lines of text. They can see the pictures and they can relate the text to the pictures. It gives them the possibility to make an association with the pictures and the text.

*Incorporate the fun factor in your reading

It is often best to pronounce different tones in your reading. This will keep the attention of your children and it is best you obligate them to repeat some phrases. It is useful to incorporate some jokes in your reading and your child will certainly enjoy the fun of reading. Once you have read some books to your child, you know which they prefer. It is best you ask them to read some of their preferred books more than once. If you notice they struggle with some words , it is best to help them to pronounce the words correctly

*Talk about the books they have read

It is important you communicate with your child about the book they have read. You can discuss some facts and you know if they comprehend the content of the book. This will help them to understand the story but also to improve their language skills.

*Listening to your child

Your child may have questions about the book. It is important you listen to your child and help them with the problems they have. It may be a problem of the content of the story but also some words they don’t understand.

*Visit libraries

It is important you visit libraries with your child and let them choose some books which they like. In the beginning it is maybe best to let them read easy books with many pictures but after some time you need to try them to be interested in more educated books which can help them in their studies. It is certainly important they watch to the different titles of books which are available in the library and they develop an interest of certain categories of books.

*Set a good example for your child

If you want to help your children to develop a love of reading, you need to take every day a book and show them that you read in your book. They will look carefully how you read and will understand the importance of reading. It is important you show an attitude of enjoying the book. They need to understand you read for pleasure.

*Writing some text from a book

It is useful you let your child writing some words from the book. You can first ask them to write some words if the books lies next to them and compare the written text. After some time you can suggest to read a few sentences and write the text without looking in the book. This will improve their memory.

Helping children develop a love for reading is not always an easy job. Some children will feel soon bored and you need to spend more time in making reading to a habit for them. Reading together with your child is often helpful to make reading as a form of entertainment and you best include the fun factor when you try children to develop a love of reading. Reading is important for everyone and everyone can best start to develop this skill from childhood.