Helping your child to learn to write

Writing is one of the most important basic skills needed for good communication. Children develop in writing by learning the basic sounding of each letter in the alphabet, then practicing writing them one by one. Writing is often very identical to reading. A few children who are still in the fourth grade may continue to encounter reading problems just as bad as third graders who are still struggling learning how to write.

So why do some children have trouble writing? Is it because they are having difficulty readings the words as well? Whatever the reason, children should not have to worry about not having the ability to write. Children understanding that writing takes a lot of practice and effort can succeed.

Tutor writing regularly

Spend enough time with your children by teaching them to write.  Using plenty of paper and a good pencil, slowly write letters and words on the paper, which the children should understand. Then, have your children write their own names again and again. After they mastered writing their names, ask them to write down words you say aloud, such as “bird,” or “dog.” Practicing good writing requires writing what is being heard, so giving your children brief spelling quizzes is beneficial as well.    

Give your children journals

If you have children who need help with writing papers, such as book reports, encourage them to continue practicing writing. For example, to develop skills in writing an essay, give your children journals to keep. Have them write down their personal thoughts in those journals. They can write what happened at school, such as receiving an “A” on the math tests. Or the children can write what is happening with their family, which proves to be very exciting. They should write in their journals everyday, because the more they writes, the better they will become acquainted with their writing that performs sufficiently for their thoughts.

Encourage reading

Reading is another beneficial way to practice. Reading will enable your children to learn vocabulary, practice comprehension, and study sentence strategies vital for writing. Encourage your children to read more books. Have them make use of their school library to select books of their choice. If your children don’t have library cards, visit a public library and let them sign up for the cards so they check out books to read.  

Once again, writing makes a strong resemblance to reading. It is very clear that if children want to learn how to write, they need to learn how to read. This is because letters form and work together to create sounding and wording. People communicate with each other by talking, thanks to series of vowels. Writing is like that as well. This is why writing letters is one way for communicating with friends and families. That should not be neglected, because when children write, they can do it straight from their hearts.