History Websites for Kids

History is an important part of a child’s education, but lets face it, its not always the most interesting subject to learn unless you have a specific passion about it, and studying at home, remembering the dates and facts, can be pure agony for kids. Nowadays, computers and the Internet have become more and more a significant part of kids lives, and among other things it can be a valuable study tool with educational but also interesting and fun websites such as those which we will discuss.

BBC History for Kids:
At bbc.co.uk kids can learn a ton of interesting historical information which is presented with animated characters and written in a manner which is easy for kids to relate to and understand. This site covers a wide variety of historical topics such as the Romans, ancient Greece, Celts, the Vikings, World War One and much, much more. It covers the areas of ancient history, the world wars, recent history and British history to name a few. It is an informative and interesting site with tons of valuable information for kids to assist them in the process of learning history.

Kids Past:
Kidspast.com is an interesting and interactive site in which kids can not only read about, and learn, history but also take part in fun and informative games and activities such as Hopping through History, Brick Busters History game, History Galatica and more. This site also contains important historical facts, dates, and quotes.

History for Kids:
Historyforkids.org is filled with tons of important information on the history of places and people around the world. By searching the site index kids can select where, who, or what they would like to read about with hundreds of different topics to choose from.

PBS Kids:
At pbskids.org kids can learn about history through the History Detectives for kids. Kids can take part in a history investigation where they learn important facts as they travel on the history shuttle. Also featured on the site are more interactive games and activities, and information displayed in an easy to understand manner.

Another great sites for kids learning about history is history-for-kids.com. Through poems and stories this site tells of historical events in a way which kids can enjoy the process of learning without even realizing they are actually learning!

Learning doesn’t have to be boring, despite what kids may think, and with these and many other education sites kids will learn all there is to know about important history and have fun while doing it!