Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry the School that Kids Today wish they

There is no doubt about it, when J. K. Rowling published the “Harry Potter” books she put the world under her spell. Children and adults all around the world, who spoke different languages, became fascinated with reading again, along with Harry and his world. Most were particularly fascinated with the school that he attends.

Hogwarts is a magical castle filled with secret passageways, moving staircases, talking portraits, ghosts, and all sorts of different creatures. Here, anything can happen. It is a place where the most unbelievable classes occur, and where you can be free from your parents. The boarding school atmosphere has become a favorite in recent years due to the number of kids wishing they went to schools like Hogwarts and because it is not only magic that they crave, but also the time away from their parents. Without them, children are free to roam wherever they like around Hogwarts, having all sorts of adventures like Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Escaping from reality, from Muggle schools, and going to Hogwarts is a daydream of many kids. While there you learn how to transform objects, how to charm them, and how to fight your enemy. There are feasts every day, the occasional ghost passing through, and you can fly on a broom. These are only some of the things that lure their minds into the castle.  

Because they are so fascinated with attending the school, it opens a possibility for learning. Much like Professor McGonagall’s classes, boring math problems can be transformed into interesting ones when Harry Potter is involved.  Reading becomes fascinating—they are able to enter Harry’s world and, if they want, create worlds of their own. Hogwarts opens many possibilities, and not just for the imagination, but for teaching a subject in a way that the kids will remember. And if you pretend to be at Hogwarts during the lesson, making the subject you’re teaching like one from the books, then they will remember more because they were genuinely interested.

It is safe to say that children are not the only ones who wish they walked up the moving staircases. Because the books were written so they capture the attention of all ages, along with the fact that many who grew up with the books are now in their twenties and thirties, many adults have admitted that they, too, would like to attend Hogwarts.  

The “Harry Potter” books have sparked the imagination of a generation of readers. All they need is a letter delivered by owl and a scarlet train to get there.