Homework a necessary Evil

Many students and parents argue that homework is a waste of time.  They complain that it takes too long and that they have other things to do when they get home. These students feel that the work should be covered during regular class. They also complain that the assignments are boring since they just covered the same material during class. Many older students often have part-time jobs, and they object to having to do homework when they leave their jobs. Other students also admit to copying someone else’s paper whenever assignments are sent home.  Although these students’ complaints are understandable, homework is a necessary evil.

Homework reinforces the skills that have been covered during the school day.  Students only spend about an hour in each class each day, and during that time, a teacher has to review lessons taught earlier, introduce a new concept, and make sure that the students understand that concept. Due to the time constrictions, it is difficult for an educator to make sure each student has mastered a skill. Homework provides an easy way to give students the extra practice they need, and it helps to make sure that the skills taught earlier become ingrained in the students’ minds.

Homework is also a tool for evaluation. Although giving tests and quizzes are important in monitoring each student’s progress, they can hurt a student’s average. Instead of just using tests, a teacher can determine the class understands a concept by assigning and checking homework. By assigning and checking homework, the teacher can identify what skills need to be re-taught, and which students need help.

Having students do homework teaches them to be independent learners. The teacher is placing them in a position of responsibility by assigning an activity that is to be completed outside of school.  No longer is the teacher alone accountable for the learning process. Homework makes the students active participants in their education. Homework also forces the student to think about what they learned in class.

By choosing to complete an assignment, the students are not only getting the extra practice needed to reinforce a skill or concept, but they are learning to self-motivate. As the students become more independent and self-motivated, they become better prepared for other challenges like going to college or holding down a job.

Homework is a necessary evil.  It is an essential tool in the learning process.  Despite the complaints given by students that it is time consuming and a waste of their valuable time, homework helps in many ways.  It is a great way to reinforce the skills that have been covered earlier by providing extra practice.  Homework can also be uses a tool for evaluating students’ progress.  It gives the teacher a chance to identify the students that need help with a skill, and it also helps to pin point areas that need to be re-taught.  By completing homework assignments, students become independent learners and active participants in their education.