Homework Assignments

Thoughtful homework assignments are an important part of learning because they not only reinforce what is learned in the classroom but they enrich a students knowledge beyond what they learn in school. Homework inspires learning and it teaches even the youngest students how to learn. Homework provides the opportunity for parents and caregivers to get involved with a child’s education and build a strong foundation for success in life.

At an early age, often as early as kindergarten, children are given homework assignments to reinforce what has been learned in the classroom. Some of the key aspects of learning are repetition and practice. A child who repeatedly studies the multiplication tables will find it easier to learn division. Each topic that a child masters within a subject will make it easier to learn the next topic that is introduced.

Subjects that are learned early in a child’s life provide the foundation for a successful educational experience. This will become evident as students become older and subjects become more complex. Not only are the subjects that they study important but the methods which they use to study strengthen their foundation.

Homework not only reinforces what is learned in the classroom but it teaches students how to learn. Even at a young age children realize that they must practice what they learn if they wish to retain the information. They may not think about it in these terms, but they know that they have a better chance achieving a good grade on a spelling quiz if they practice the words at home. After studying the words at home and achieving a stellar grade on their quiz, this belief is reinforced.

Homework enriches a students knowledge on subjects that are studied in the classroom. In a time when most homes have Internet access, students have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Through thoughtful homework assignments and guidance from their parents, children learn how to explore the Internet to enrich their minds. Homework assignments can encourage students to explore the resources they have available and expand their knowledge beyond what they have read in their school books.

Homework utilizes the most important resource and influence in a child’s life, their parents. The value of a parent’s participation in a child’s education is emphasized in every primary school in the nation. Students who have parents who are involved in their education have a better chance of succeeding in the classroom and in life. Parents who provide guidance with homework and ask questions that promote thought are teaching a child to open their minds. This can be also be true for a nurturing care giver, older sibling, grandparent, aunt or uncle that is involved in a child’s life.

When the kids come home from school and the bookbags come off of their shoulders, don’t dread the evenings homework assignments. Embrace them and take the opportunity to enrich a child’s life.