Homework help for Children

As school age children increase grade levels every year their work load increases also. Transitioning younger children from having little or no homework into having homework almost every night can be tricky. It is important to teach children now, while they are younger, the skills that they need to succeed. The work ethic instilled in them as elementary students is something they will carry with them through their educational years.

The key to helping children succeed in after school work revolves around routine. Routine keeps kids on track and their little minds focused. Make sure they have some type of schedule to go by when the school day is done. Of course an exact schedule cannot always be followed down to a tee especially with small children, but with at least an outline of the day children can feel more organized. Make sure homework is done in a quiet environment. One free from distractions. Kids should gather all materials before hand to make sure it is within reach when needed. Once they begin their homework we shouldn’t just abandon them. Younger children are not independent workers yet and may need help and guidance through out the work. Stay close by in case your help is needed.

Whatever your routine becomes try to stick as closely as possible to it. For example once children come home from school let them grab a healthy snack to refuel. After that it’s on to work such as writing or math. Then let them play. Kids can have a lot of built up energy from school. Let them play outside or in if it’s a dreary day. Fit family meal time in somewhere along the way then bath time and preparations for bed. Give enough time before bed to allow for 2 books. First a book for your child to read. Choose one that is easy enough for them to read with very few mistakes. Next it’s your turn. Choose a book that would be difficult for your child to read to help improve their vocabulary. Be sure to ask a couple of questions at the end of the story. Things like what was the story about or who were the main characters?

Just be sure that no matter what else that they see how important reading and school work are. When they see you reading a book for pleasure they are more likely to do the same. Children learn by example. Showing your children that you think homework is important is essential to having children with the same values.