Homework Important Reasons

When I was a kid, I scorned at homework. I wished I didn’t have to do any homework at all. Now, as an adult, I realize how important homework is to a school kid. Homework helps a kid to keep in touch with what he or she is learning from school, and to improve his or her skills in certain subjects that can be useful when he or she enters the real world as an adult. For example, mathematics homework helps the kid to keep up with his or her mathematical skills as practice makes perfect.

Although homework is an essential part of education, it is important that no student is given too much homework until there is no time for leisure. As the saying goes, “All work but no play makes Jack a dull boy.”. When I was a kid, I didn’t have much time socializing with my friends. Most of the time, I had to stay home to study and to complete my homework. I guess this caused me to have poor social skills and sometimes afraid to meet my fellow human beings until today. Therefore, there should be a good balance between work and play. Work includes homework.

Setting up homework for students is not an easy task. A teacher must know what kind of homework should be given so that the kids can really benefit from it. Doing a lot of homework, in my opinion, does not necessary make the kid more skillful and intelligent. Too much homework can cause the kid to hate the subject and even hate school. You may have a kid who is always complaining about having too much homework. Given the right amount of homework is a challenge that teachers have to face.

The kids who are given homework should realize the importance of homework and how it can benefit them. It’s no good to tell them that if they don’t do their homework they will be punished. This, in my opinion, can cause them to be resentful. Instead, it’s better to tell them if they don’t complete their homework, they may lack the skills that they may need later in their lives as adults. You may have experienced this before. Your boss asked you to do some calculation. As you were doing what he or she told you, you realized you did something similar as a homework when you were a kid. You were thankful for what your teacher had taught you, and the homework had helped you to be skillful with it. Teachers may also want to use some sort of a reward system that can encourage their students to complete their homework.

Therefore, in my opinion, homework is important as it helps kids to keep in touch with what they are learning at school.