Homework Schedules

Homework is an important part of your child’s education and a parent who teaches their child how to do their homework correctly is ensuring their child’s success in school.

During the school day it is the teacher’s job to educate your child. When your child is at home, it is up to the parent to help their child learn how to stick to a homework schedule. Having a homework schedule teaches your child how to not procrastinate and eventually will have them becoming more responsible for their own assignments.

Consider your schedule

For working parents who may not pick their child up until dinnertime, setting up a homework schedule can be challenging. With the after work rush, priorities can get lost in the hecticness of the moment. If your child is in an aftercare program, inquire what kind of homework time the program allows for. Instruct your child to do their homework at that time and arrange a set time to go over it with him.

Play first or work?

After school, many children want to play instead of doing their homework. Compromise by allowing them a healthy snack and maybe 20 minutes of doing whatever they want before sitting down to complete their assignments. Maybe during this time you can do some meal preparation and get younger children settled so that you can give the child your full attention. Make sure that you provide a quiet environment for your child to do their assignments.

After school activities

With many children involved in after school activities like sports, dance or music lessons, setting a regular time for homework can be hard. It is a bad idea to leave homework until right before bedtime because the child will be tired. Although scheduling activities in order to keep a set homework time can be impossible, try to schedule your child’s homework early enough. If you wait until early evening for homework time, you are asking for trouble. What if the child needs extra help? You could find both of you up later than you planned working on a difficult math problem.

Good habits

If you teach your child how to do their work from the first time they get an assignment, as they grow they will become more independent in doing their homework. During the elementary school years it is good to go over their work with them after they have completed it. Help them a lot during the first years of school and as they grow, back off and allow them to learn how to complete assignments on their own. Be there to answer questions but do not do the work for them. If your child appears to be having difficulty with homework assignments, this is the time to write a note to their teacher. Parents who stay involved with their children’s education raise children who are more successful in their school career.