Homework that’s Hurting our Children

For tonight’s homework, I would like for everyone to read sections three, four, and five, and be sure to complete each quiz at the end of the sections. You will then turn these in tomorrow for grading. And that was just from one class; just think about having that to do on top of all the other classes and assignments handed down from that day. I don’t know about you but that would stress me out greatly. It’s amazing how much homework teachers are handing out these days. For example, my seven year old niece was in the second grade last year; I can recall her having so much that she would sit and cry because she was afraid of getting in trouble for not being able to complete it all. No child should have to sit and cry because they have too much homework that cannot be completed. With this I believe that most children have lost determination, feel like they aren’t capable of becoming someone and even give up on school altogether.

Now, homework is an essential part of learning, because of daily distractions in the classroom and other sorts it can be hard to pay attention. So, homework is a way to practice what you learned that day and have some quiet time to prepare for the next day at school so that way they can reflect on the homework and ask questions as needed. Homework in no sense should take up the child’s time where they aren’t able to participate in physical activity, no wiggle room for family time and most importantly no time to be a kid. Therefore, homework should be limited but not completely taken away.

Children’s minds grow rapidly and depending on the type of home life they have, they may not have the chance to successfully complete their assignments. Many students may not have the proper guidance or help that they would need with homework. Some children may feel discouraged and may not complete the assignments that are given. For whatever reason, they could be difficult or even the fact that being so overwhelmed turns them away from all the work.

In conclusion, I believe the more work that is done inside the classroom could benefit children greatly, the reason being that they have proper access to a familiar source; the teacher. And all questions that need answering can be properly explained in that time frame. Homework should be a practice source to let the kids encourage themselves to strive for more. Children should not be afraid to go to school five days of the week knowing that there’s a possibility of having homework and for whatever reason no chance of completing those assignments given.