Homework Tips how to help your Child Memorize Sight Words

Reading, spelling, and writing are all important skills that children need to learn.  Not every child learns the same way.  The more ideas and different ways we can help children memorize and learn sight words the easier it will be for them to spell, read and write. The Dolch list is the most common list used for sight words and it is broken down quite simply into age levels or grades.

What can parents do at home to help children memorize sight words?  Here are some ideas.

~ Music
Music has a way of turning work into fun. Silly songs with flash cards can give practice that seems more like play.   Use tunes that the children are familiar with and hold up a flash card to replace the word that usually goes in the song.

“If you are happy and you know it read  “____” If you are happy and you know read  “_______”  If you are happy and you know than your reading surely shows it.  It you are happy and you know it  read “______”.

~ Concentration
Children enjoy this game and it can be played with as few as three sets of words.  First step is matching the words.  The second step is reading them out loud.  Add more words or mix and match the sets.

~ Make word and picture phrases
Putting words and pictures together gives even the very young a chance to practice sight words.  For example,  The (picture of a cat) is in the (picture of a box).  Where is the (picture of the car)?

~ Go Fish
Kids enjoy playing the game with a few cards.  So play with three words they know and two new words.  Keep rotating the fish cards.  Repetition is what memorizing is all about.

~ Salt writing
Many children are kinetic learners.  Touching things help them to learn and remember.  Make large cards with the words written in bold letters.  Place it on a cookie sheet and sprinkle a thin layer of salt over it.  Have the child trace the letters and read the sight word.

~ Spy it
Place the word cards all over the room and take turns playing. “Spy the word “that”, “are”, “no”. Let the child hide the cards  and change the words often.

~ Post- it
3-m makes a great post-it note product to help with sight words.  They are printed on posted notes very clearly that can be used for many of these projects. Children love to hide them and stick them everywhere.  This is a very handy tool.

No game it too outlandish.  There is no wrong way to help a child learn to memorize sight words and improve reading skills