Hoover Dam Facts

Hoover Dam has in interesting history and there are a lot of  trivia type questions that will work when a class is  building a Hoover Dam bulletin board. The class earns pieces of the bulletin board to put together as they learn the facts about the Hoover Dam, how it was built and what it is used for now. It is a giant puzzle and it is quite tricky to get it all put together right.

Here are some excellent questions so the students can find answers.
1.  How many feet is it from the foundation rock to the roadway on the crest of the dam?
2.  How many piles of steel did the government buy for the dam?
3.  How long did it take to build the dam and power plant?
4.  Why is it called Hoover Dam?
5.  How many men total worked on the Hoover Dam?
6.  What state is the Hoover Dam in?
7.  Where does the power from the Hoover Dam go?
8.  Is the Hoover Dam the largest man made dam in the world?
9.  Name three movies that were filmed in part at the Hoover Dam?
10. Why was Boulder City developed?
11. What was the cost to build only the Hoover Dam?
12. Can you see fish on a Hoover Dam tour?
13.  What does the antelope ground squirrel have to do with the Hoover Dam?
14.  What is hydroelectricity?
15.  What is the mission statement of the Hoover Dam?

This history and stories involved in building the Hoover Dam are easy to find and interesting. It would great with a class project and an essay written by each student about what they learned.

For the teacher the actual bulletin board is a little intensive. The best case scenario is to design the entire board and then run it through the laminator. (This can be done.)  Than take a pencil and trace puzzle pieces shapes all over the board. Cut out the puzzle and mix the pieces all up. Just like putting puzzles together a student may hope for an edge piece or a corner piece. Putting the bulletin board puzzle together can help make learning fun.

If the focus needs  to be on math, more mathematical questions could be asked. It can be so diverse that it can cover many areas of core learning plans.

Bulletin boards can be a great teaching tool. It is a way of using the new technology for the research and a good old fashioned bulletin board for reinforcement and to demonstrate some of the things students have been learning in the class.