How can the Government Increase Literacy Skills and Programs Nationwide

It’s a known fact that illiteracy exists in cities and towns throughout America and the need to get more literacy programs into cities nationwide is extremely important.

Being able to read, write and comprehend the written word is the cornerstone of every person’s success. Attending school where reading, writing and studying helped graduates achieve success, the inability to attend schools and illiteracy makes success impossible.

Illiteracy and poverty go hand in hand as the inability to read and comprehend the written word makes it impossible for those affected to obtain gainful employment..

Menial jobs can usually be had but some jobs could be dangerous to the health of anyone working with chemicals or solvents. There are warning labels on all chemical and solventss but if a worker can’t read the label, the consequences could be severe.

Injuries can range from severe burns to the skin if an acid solution splashes back on a worker, severe lung damage from inhaling toxic fumes, fumes released when two incompatible chemicals are mixed together acxcidently and react adversely, to the most serious consequence, death.

While there are other causes of poverty that may be more difficult to resolve, illiteracy is one thing that can be resolved by having programs available to help those who are affected by illiteracy .

The government is called upon to get programs in place that help people in need. Health care, clinics, State funded health insurance, Medicaid and financial aid – these are the things that government has fairly effectively dealt with at great cost to the taxpayers.

However, we as a society appear to have become dependent on government intervention to meet many of our needs and this mindset has brought about a great deal of chaos, red tape and frustration , something that occurs frequently whenever the government is involved..

We as a nation seem to have lost the ability to think and act on many important issues independently, a weakness that has led to too much government involvement in our lives. The time has come for us to stop this dependency problem and begin to solve problems where we can, on our own.

Programs can be set up nationwide and be run by volunteers, people who care enough to help others by providing services for free. Free, as in “no cost” – and no cost to the taxpayer either.

If people are genuinely concerned about increasing literacy, this idea can become a plan that can be implemented nationwide without getting the government involved.

Screening for illiteracy can be done in schools by testing the children for literacy difficulties and implementing the help of volunteer tutors to help the children who are having difficulty. Adults can be helped by offering free evaluation and remedial classes which can be done in those same schools nationwide.

Children must be screened for disorders that might cause literacy difficutlies. Children with ADD/ADHD or dyslexia have been found to have moderate to severe difficulty in reading and comprehension making the need for a correct diagnosis imperative.

If these conditions are found among some of the children they must be treated first or no amount of remedial classes will help them improve their reading and comprehension skills. This issue pertains to adults as well and can be accomplished using the same screening techiques used on children.

Treatment is also needed for adults found to have ADHD or dyslexia. Referrals to clinics in the area could be done by school personnel and appointments made for each adult needing clinic services should be requested for ASAP – otherwise they would be seen months later.

Clinics in each area could be notified ahead of time when a literacy program is to be started and could have the personnel available for any adult sent to them by the program for treatment of ADD/ADHD

While I understand that schools are often underfunded, there is no reason why free services cannot be offered that would help in the fight to defeat illiteracy. As a nation we must think of others and try to help in any way we can.

Volunteering is satisfying to many and is cost effective. Government involvement would cost us as taxpayer’s – volunteer programs are tax free.

Despite the fact that many believe that people today are “self absorbed”, I believe that by getting the word out concerning the urgent need for literacy volunteers will be successful in bringing out the people needed to staff all programs nationwide.

There is a vast amount of untapped resource among retirees in every city nationwide, as well as others who work full time jobs but want to give of their time to help others.

There is only one way to find out if this idea will work and that is to put it in motion. I believe the naysayers among us will be surprised and silenced by the results.