How Elementary School Age Children can Extend their Learning Experience over the Summer

Children in the early elementary school years at time seem to realize an insatiable need for fun and their minds can’t get enough constructive ideas to consider pursuing while they are in the mood. Summer courses have become something of an industry throughout much of the world, a well-deserved break for moms and dads to get together to enjoy an interlude together with a good cause being served up somewhere across the vast distance in the world where their child attends a week of learning, broadened horizons and hands-on excitement.

Children are girls and children are boys. Any child learns that school shall start at some time. Give your child a boost into achievement by sending the first-time student to a summer education camp where there will be a fun place to learn and to study.

There are a good many prospects that often exist locally. Some are camps and some are workshops that last only for a few hours, held for a single day. Sometimes, either option will teach the same course, and that may be enough to vote on more of the same or something different for later.

In terms of variety, there are literally a large number of camps offering an amazing number of courses. Modern camps no longer end with fishing, swimming, campfires and perhaps some archery & hunting. There is an offering for nearly any major interest. And don’t let sophistication fool you – there are even camps for young children covering ages 7 – 14 that instruct in modern technology, allowing children to participate in game design, architecture or computer programming or the science of investigation or for example.


There is by no means any guarantee that each camp shall have space enough to host a child, so make sure to leave some room for rejection. Sometimes placement is very competitive and fills up quickly once applications are open for acceptance.

Be aware that there may be fees additional to the cost of the program itself, such as a non-refundable fee to use a facility belonging to a third party or otherwise operated off-site.

Look also for opportunities beyond learning at reduced prices, such as if a day camp or resident camp is operated by a group that offers zoos and amusement parks. Stepping in to accompany the child on that designated program day of pickup and partaking of a day of fun and necessary personalized supervision can further justify costs involved.

Better access to program information is often found by using a specialized web site that contains a list or directory of categories or providers. First, consider your needs and try out one of the search engines to find a camp of choice in North America, the U.S.A., or anywhere in the world.

Be sure to consider whether staff in any given program are screened for having any prior criminal background – allowed in certain states – as recommended by American Camp Association (ACA-accredited) for its programs.

Also important is understanding in advance the size of the range that a child will have use of. Develop a working picture of the scale of activities before settling on specific facilities. Limited range to roam means no fun and could feel entrapping, leading to a bad experience.

Additionally, make sure that full contact information is posted so that any necessary item left at home may be mailed via overnight delivery if needed and that the child can be reached to discuss any emergency or oversight.

Reduced expenses

Consider the operating budget. Workshops held for a day’s time will often be cheapest, but because room and board are not at issue. And as an asset, if children interested in a particular topic it can usually be found both as a (sleepover) camp and as a (drive-to) workshop – sometimes hosted by the same group or organization.

As a matter of simple calculation, an enthused child can potentially get a lot more exposure out of local workshops than out of distant camps, and this can be better on a budget. Even so, opportunity may be the two-edged sword that favors a camp.

Some institutions, such as The Concord Conservatory of Music, offer financial assistance, whereas others offer free classes.

For reduced expenses, transportation costs can often be lowered by planning and securing travel tickets months in advance but also by discovering travel deals on-line.


Camps of virtually any type or variety vary from being found locally to being found in other parts of your state territory, adjacent states, border states, throughout the nation or internationally.


Of course it is a good idea to send any child to a camp with comprehensible speakers of the common language. But language camps may teach any language throughout the world and therefore be bi-lingual. An excellent excuse to travel to another nation would be because of opportunities to learn the language from a native bi-lingual teacher skilled in working with children who speak the other language. This type of exposure is certain to become useful later on.

Assisted living camps

Some children, less fortunate than others, have special needs or suffer confinement due to injury or illness. Whether hopeful for recovery in the short term or long term, there are many camps prepared to see both to a child’s needs and to seasonal fun.

Children’s Hospital (a.k.a. Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt) provides dual listings for children both well and without medical conditions but also for children with conditions of any sort as well as extensive listings of camps that cover specific sorts. Try the Children’s Hospital listings from the Camp Directory page.

For children who are siblings of other children who have illness and need special care, there are “siblings camps.” The dmoz project has a special directory that may accommodate these siblings and/or both simultaneously towards finding a camp with educational offerings.

For an omnibus directory of camps, serving not only special needs children but offering quite the full menu of focus activities, a visit to goCamps should turn up an amazing list of prospects. Podcasts are another feature of this site!

Check out also the Therapy/Respite Camps for Kids, another general assisted living camp for children covering North and Central America and also Greece.

As with others, states often have their own camp offerings that often consist of accommodations for needful assistance.

Camps general

With an awesome number of choices and offerings available worldwide, web page providers have come to the rescue with neat sites such as KidsCamps, where a wealth of categories may spawn any type of adventure. “Special needs” also gets a featured slot.

Popular foreign programs often branch out and offer their own educational workshops through local universities throughout the nation. Such is the case of the learning courses for kids available today.

Another such education provider is EW56B, headquartered in Washington, DCZ6EFP, and offering classes wide-scale. Look further in the USA for adventure by using Camp Navigator. And if you like the terrific job that NASA has been doing with the Mars Curiosity rover looking to determine the prospect of water on Mars and think that it may offer something great for children, then you’ll probably not want to miss a glance at U.S. Space and Rocket Center’s Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.

Find summer activities in Canada by checking out EW56B or the Summer Camps Directory.

Learning opportunities worldwide can be found from special interest categories.

Local but practical

Take a look into local history wherever the child may live. Any child may want to learn how to build and use a kayak, ride a horse in Northern Nevada, train a dog, row a canoe or milk a cow. Often there is at minimum the prospect of lessons in extracurricular sports, martial arts camp, near-by zoos offering workshops, YMCAs offering education in swimming or physical education. Also look for lessons offered in cooking, drama, historic relevance of a site, and sewing.

For anything that any child may want to do or be interested in, there is likely to be a camp. There is sometimes an up-front discount for sending multiple children to the same camp, program or workshop. Work with the child somewhat to find out where a serious enthusiasm lies. Note what sorts of magazines get worn out or whether the ant farm is still alive in six months. Take especial note of what the child takes seriously. But be particularly willing to give the child a choice of venues and remind yourself that the childhood years are exploratory in fact. If there is anything that seriously appeals to a child then he or she shouldn’t be afraid of hitting up mom or dad to buy gear or supplies for it, so those pursuits are easy to include on a list of camp activities.

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