How Feedback from Negative People Impacts Learning Capabilities

Writing as someone who has constantly been put in difficult situations from adults, I can say that if a negative person comments or makes a personal remark on someones learning capabilities then it can have a dire if not negative effect on them and their learning style. We are all influenced and we are all made to think we can do anything and become anyone, these comments perhaps start with our parents, or someone close to us that knows that when children, adults, or anyone else gives us a positive remark we are more likely to actually do better in school and learn more from our teachers and make more of a positive difference over all. This is something that we all have to think about, and at the same time, know because it affects us in many ways and it takes a lot for people to feel the constant rejection, but if an adult or child actually does keep hearing negative comments from negative people, then they will be affected in the long run.

One of the others ways that this can affect adults in the future is by having them doubts themselves and at the same time, doubt their capabilities as adults in many ways. This is one of the ways, that we are able to see what influences us and how we were brought up from childhood. A child or person who has been influenced in more than one way will have nothing but great ways to pass on their childhood examples and also experiences onto other people. This is the reason, why many people choose a way to have a positive influence on children mostly, because in those early years, there are more ways that any adult can have an impact on a child. Another way of seeing this, is by being able to relate to other children and seeing how influences, negative and positive comments make a difference in their lives.

This is something that works most of the time and the signs are as clear and also constant as they can be with any child, young adult or adult. The main reason why so many people know about how feedback from negative people impacts learning capabilities, is because they themselves have been impacted in many ways and they do not know how to actually stop the chain, but they do know of the consequences.