How Homework can Teach Children to be Responsible

Homework can be very helpful in teaching a child to be responsible. Sometimes you need to step back to let the children make their own decisions on when and how to do their homework so that they can learn how their actions create consequences.

When a child does homework he or she will get the benefits – or negative consequences – that their work will garner. If a child is responsible and spends the time on the work that they should then they are much less likely to do well on the assignment. They are more likely to get praised by the teacher and their parents. Many children get other positive benefits from doing well on their assignments. They may get special rewards for their good grades such as recognition from the school. Their teachers may be proud of them.

If, on the other hand, the child is not responsible and they do not do their homework as they are supposed to, then they will suffer the consequences as well. They may get bad grades. Of course they could even fail a class. Their teachers and parents may be disappointed in them. They may get grounded or lose other privileges.

With the homework, the children will learn that their decisions affect the outcomes they get. No one will necessarily force them to spend the right amount of time on every assignment but they will have to deal with the consequences if they do not. Hopefully they will learn to be more responsible so that they can get the outcomes that they desire.

The children can also learn to do their homework in a responsible manner. For instance, they may procrastinate one day and then suffer by having to stay up late or get up very early to do their homework another day. They may not like this. They may learn the responsibility of making better choices as far as doing their homework at a good time.

When children are not responsible and procrastinate while doing their homework then it may seem like it takes them forever. They may like it much better when they are efficient and effective because they get it done with and can move on to other more fun things. They can learn to make these responsible decisions themselves.

In many different ways, homework can teach children to be responsible. Although you may want to micromanage every aspect of your children’s schooling, sometimes it is best to let your children learn for themselves how to be responsible.