How Primary School Teachers can Encourage Young Children to Read at Home

Reading is a skill that takes practice-more practice than a budding reader has time for during the school day. For that reason, it has become commonplace for teachers to assign nightly reading time as homework for students. Sometimes, children struggle with the idea of reading at home too. There are ways teachers can encourage their young students to read at home.

Reading partner bear

Buy a sturdy stuffed bear or two and designate them as a reading buddy. Each night, a different child gets to take the bear home so they can read to it. To be qualified to take the reading partner bear home, the child must have proof that they are reading nightly. After all, you can tell them, you wouldn’t want to take a change that Mr. Bear might miss his bedtime story.

RAZ Kids

For a reasonable classroom fee, teachers can give students the opportunity to read with books on-line. If they don’t have an account, they can try it with the free samples on this site. With in the program, offered by Reading A-Z, children have access to a myriad of leveled readers with a large genre of subjects. 

 Free pizza

Pizza Hut has, for years, offered free pizza to children that read. Teachers can sign up for the Book It program here. Teachers can determine how many books or how many reading minutes a child must have to qualify for a free pizza. It’s easy, fun and free!


Create a classroom bookworm. Make a lot of 3 or 4-inch diameter circles. On one, draw the face of a bookworm, complete with reading glasses. Affix it to the wall. Every time a child completes a book, they get to write their name and the name of the book on a circle and add it to the worm. As it grows, have special places along the wall that allows the class to win a prize, like ten free minutes, a lollipop-something fun and simple. Challenge them to get the worm to go all the way around the classroom before the end of the year.


Encourage the parents of your students to get involved and read with their children. Kids love to share books; they also love time with their moms and dads. Encourage nightly reading to become a family activity. 

Book selection

Provide students with a large selection of books. Children will love reading more if they connect with the subject material. Keep your eyes open at garage sales, second-hand stores and books stores for excellent, low-priced books that will fill your shelves with fabulous selections.

Start a book

Start reading a book with your class. When it gets exciting, stop. Let the kids finish the book on their own. It worked with Reading Rainbow. It can work for you too!

Encouraging students to read at home is a win-win situation. The children’s reading will improve and you will have students who read better. Do everything you can to encourage reading at home.