How to be Patient when Helping a Child with Homework

You may find yourself getting frustrated as you help your child with his or her homework. They may procrastinate or spend an hour on something that should take ten minutes. They may have difficulty understanding a subject. It is very important to stay patient when helping your child, however, and the following strategies may be of use.

Have empathy for them

You may think that the homework looks so easy, how can they not understand it? Remember that they do not have the skills that you do. Try to remember back to when you were a child and when it was difficult to understand something. Everything is new to them, and their mental abilities are not the same as an adult.

A lot of parents think of their kids as little adults but they are not. They may procrastinate and put off doing something. It is the way of children. If you expect too much then you will not appreciate what they accomplish. Remember that homework can be frustrating for kids, too.

Try relaxation techniques

If you find that you are starting to get frustrated, then instead of snapping or yelling at your child, take a deep breath and try to calm yourself. You can even try to count to ten. If you think you need a minute to cool down, then excuse yourself and take a breather. Close your eyes for a minute and try to relax. Go back in with a renewed frame of mind.

Talk to your child and listen

If your child is having issues with his or her homework, do not simply get mad and start an argument. Instead talk to them and see if you can find the root of their problem. For instance, perhaps you are getting upset because they seem to be doing the homework in slow motion. However, maybe it is because they are having trouble understanding it, but they do not want to say anything to you because they are afraid of how you will react.

Celebrate what they do right instead of getting upset over what they do wrong

You may find that you have more patience with your children and their homework if you can look at the good. When they finally “get” a topic with which they have been struggling then feel truly happy for them. Tell them how proud you are when they get that homework assignment done. Try not to get too upset when they do something wrong, but instead think of the good.

It is important for both you and your child that you remain patient when helping him or her with homework. The above measures may help you keep your cool.