How to Choose a School for your Child

As a parent of three children, I have had to choose preschools, elementary schools, middle schools and special education schools. The decision of what school a child will attend is a very difficult one but a child can greatly benefit from the right choice. 

There are many different aspects to consider when choosing a school for a child. Each must be considered and decided upon very carefully. As a parent who puts the education needs of my children at the top of my list of priorities, I have chosen different schools for them for each of them for different reasons. 

1. Best fit for the child. The school needs to be the best place for the child and not anyone else. Regardless of price, location or size, it needs to best learning center for the child. All needs of a child need to be considered when choosing the right school for him or her. 

2. Location. Schools are located in school districts and if your children will be attending public schools, they will usually be attending those schools located in your school district. Often times, a home is chosen based on a particular school district choice. If not happy with the particular schools in a school district, private schooling or home schooling is sometimes an option. 

2. School size. Do you want your child to just be another number in the school or so you want your child to stand out more and given more attention. Often times when a school is so large, the students tend to just get lost within in. 

3. Class size. A school’s class size will determine how much one-on-one time a child will have with his or her teachers. Whether classes are big or small, equal amount of time has to be given to the students by the teacher. In a smaller class, students receive more individual time. Some children do not need individualized time while there are others that do. 

4. Extracurricular activities offered. Most children love school but sometimes need something extra to occupy their time when not in school. I have children that are like this. One child waits each fall to play football while another child plays sports all year round. It is important to our family to be part of a school that puts a small emphasis on their sports teams. 

5. Special programs offered. Some children need additional classes or services while attending school. I have two children who are in the speech program and one who is in the special education program. I actually chose the school I wanted my son to attend when he was accepted into the special education program. We live inside of one school district but attend school in another.