How to Choose the best Lunch Bag for your Child for School

There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing the best lunch bag or lunch box for your child to take to school. The standard of provision of school dinners has dropped significantly over the last decade with many school children preferring to go to their closest fast food shop for lunch. This is compounded by their desire to break the rules and assert some independence. The fast food chains are unlikely to be providing meals with all the nutrients a growing child needs and so while you are still able to prepare and send your child to school with a packed lunch (there will come a time when your child will no longer think it is cool) I suggest you do.

You will likely want to promote healthy eating or at the very least ensure a good balanced diet. So you will want the lunch bag, or box, that you choose to be able to hold the type of food you expect to place in it. I would suggest you will need a place for some fruit, sandwiches, sweets (not necessarily healthy but in moderation OK), potato snack and possibly a biscuit. There should also be space for some drink, and I would suggest a natural fruit juice although you are likely to be pressured into a carbonated soda.

Other than practical considerations, you will need to ensure that the lunchbox is one that your child is not embarrassed to carry to school. If you fail this test, it is likely that your child will either refuse to use the lunchbox or you will find that it is inexplicably lost or damaged. For this reason, a plain one is better; this should leave little room for embarrassment or complaint, unless of course you choose the wrong colour. Most boys will not want pink.

The beauty of a plain lunchbox is that it will not suffer from quickly becoming unusable as a result of changing fashion fads. Chances are that you will come under pressure to supply one carrying the marketing material of the latest cool trend or blockbuster film. The use of merchandising, particularly in the movie business, is big business. Advertisers will do all they can to ensure that your child is carrying all sorts of advertising and cute characters from their latest product. Even if these are provided at a reasonable cost, they will have a limited lifespan as the next big thing hits town.