How to Control a Class without Raising your Voice

There are times when raising your voice is necessary to get your students under control. However, most of the time you do not need to raise your voice to control your classroom. Yelling a lot shows a lack of control. Kids also respond better when people do not yell at them.

First, it important that the kids know you are in charge of the classroom. Do not let the kids get the upper hand. It is better to start out mean; you can always get nice later on. If you start out too nice, the kids will take advantage of you. Never let them gain control. Once that happens, yelling is the only way to get control and even then, it does not work most of the time.  Whatever method you decide to use to control the class, it is important to let them know what you will use at the first of the year and what the consequences are if they do not calm down when you prompt them to do so.

Controlling Younger Students’

When the school year first begins create a clap that will let the children know it is time to be quiet and listen. Let them know when you clap, they clap back and then everyone is quiet.

A special count is also a great way to control a class. When it is time for them to pay attention say “One, two, three eyes on me.” They then know it is time to settle down and listen. You can have them say “One, Two eyes on you.” In addition, this makes settling down a joint venture.

Young kids are very active. If they are getting out of control, you can have them put their heads down on their desk. Putting their heads down gives them time to relax and settle down. It is a quiet way to calm the kids down.

Lights out is a great way to control your class. Let them know whenever you turn the lights out, they are to stop what they are doing, calm down and listen to instructions.

Another way to control your class without raising your voice is to say, “If you can hear me, touch your nose,” In a normal voice. Then say, “If you can hear me, touch your ear.” Continue to speak in a soft voice and touch a different part of our face until all of the kids are paying attention.

Controlling Older Students

It is possible to control a classroom of older students without yelling too. Once again, let the students know that you are in charge of the classroom. Let them know what you expect of them and the behavior that is expected. Give them consequences for misbehavior and let them know how you plan to get them under control if they are not listening.

The methods that are used on the young kids can actually work on older kids too. Use the touching method first. If this does not work let them know you will treat them like little kids and use the same methods of controlling them as you use on little kids if they act like little kids.

It is not that hard to control your class without yelling. Start the first of the year in charge. Let the students know what you will and will not accept. If you do this, you will never lose control of your classroom so you should never have to yell.