How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills are important at any level of academic achievement. But, most children have trouble developing good critical thinking skills. However, it is not difficult to attain these skills once students learn a few basic tricks and techniques.


Reading stories and developing good comprehension skills can help you achieve critical thinking skills. This is because comprehension requires critical thinking, especially when it comes to thinking about the plot, themes, or expanding ideas.

One way to develop critical thinking skills through reading is to read a sizable novel. After having read that novel, you should ask yourself what the theme of the novel is. Then, expand on that theme by creating other themes. After you have done that, write small stories using those themes. How different did the stories turn out? Can their themes be traced to the original theme?

Another way to develop critical thinking skills is to read a few articles, either online or in magazines and newspapers. Write a response to one of the articles that interests you. Then, take one of the articles that does not interest you and answer that as well. How does your writing differ when you are interested in what you have read?


Math is a really good way to develop your critical thinking skills. Word problems are especially useful because they require you to think about what kind of operations you would use and what equation you need to create. This way of thinking will work the left side of your brain, which is the side that takes care of rational, number-oriented problems. The right side of your brain takes care of creative topics (which was described in the reading section of this article).

To exercise your critical thinking skills, look for word problems online, or create a few of your own. How does your word problem work? What operations would you need to solve it? What equations do you need to create? Is the problem useful for real-life situations? Can you create a word problem that relates to real life?


And, one of the most famous ways of exercising your critical thinking skills is to work on puzzles. Puzzles require you to think in a different way than if you were trying to solve a math problem. This means that you have to think out of the box. Critical thinking not only involves rational thought, but it also involves exercising the brain in a different way than you would normally think. You can find puzzles online, or you can purchase books.

Whichever way you decide to develop your critical thinking skills, you will find that it will be easier for you to develop other thinking skills.