How to Develop Public Speaking Skills and Confidence in Young Students

The best way to develop public speaking skills and confidence in young students is to give them as many opportunities to speak as possible. Let them get involved in activities at Church and encourage them to take part in activities at school. What ever fosters an environment which entails speaking is the way to go.

Children should be allowed to actively participate in debates at school which center around some real life issues. This will definitely develop confidence in young students. Not only will they become more knowledgeable about world issues which in itself will boost confidence but the practice they will receive speaking will enhance their speaking skills and abilities.

Let children assume leadership roles whenever possible. As a leader you will be required to speak on a number of occasions which forces you to have more interaction with other students and adults.

Later on down the line children should be encouraged to take speech classes and join a toastmasters organization. These will do more for building confidence and developing the speaker in your child than you can imagine. You may even discover a diamond in the rough. They could develop a passion for this and go on to have a profitable and successful speaking career.

Child should be given words of encouragement and inspiration on a regular basis which will boost their confidence and self esteem. Tell them, “You can do it”. “I am so proud of you”. “You are really smart”. “I just love how you have developed your speaking skills”. These types of words will encourage and build confidence in your child. When them see you are happy and thrilled with their performance they will begin to excel to amazing heights. Students love to see that they have their parents approval in their various activities and duties. Nothing makes a child happier than knowing they have made their parents happy.

Give your children an outlet to express themselves. Let them tell you what is on their mind and listen very intently. This will serve to boost your child’s confidence and give them yet another opportunity to practice their speaking skills. If you have to critique them do so with kinds words that lift them up emotionally and socially, and stay away from the negative words that serve to tear them down psychologically. Your words indeed speak life and provide the impetus to catapult them on to successful lives in all of their endeavors.