How to Encourage your Child to Read

Reading,is one of the main resources that we use in everyday living,but what happens when you have a ten year old son who cant read. I guess every parent believes there child will pick up reading as easily as the next child would. I’m one of those parents. I raised my two boys as a single working mother,not picking up the problem that my son couldn’t read. I always figured he would just be late,but as he got older and the problem became more clear i didn’t know what to do. Then one day i notice how he would pick up a book and make up the story with the pictures, so i started to take him to the library and we would look for books with pictures with big words. We started to read together and his thirst to learn to read became bigger. I started to realize that encouraging him more and more helped allot. It gave him more confidence,and more willing to try his best. Encouragement,is the best thing you can give your child. They thirst for your appraise on the smallest thing. My problem as a single working mother was that i didn’t pay enough attention on how my son was lacking one of the most efficient resources that we use every day. I had taken for-granted that reading would just come naturally to him. Now i know how important it is to read to your child and encourage them. Reading to your child thirty minutes a day to an hour of your time makes a big difference. They are so many reading resources out there,all you have do is find them and be willing to try them. Start reading to your child at a young age and get them interested in books and what they can bring to them. My boys have grown to love the library and the time we spend on reading together. I myself have picked up reading again for fun and realize the adventures it brings to ones mind. Don’t forget all it takes is just few minutes of your time to say how proud you are of your child to let them know you care. It could be the smallest appraise that you give that makes a difference in a childes eyes,so keep on reading and showing ones love to another.