How to get Boys to Love Books

Reading is the ultimate foundation to greater knowledge. It is one of the most important fundamental skills that can be learned throughout one’s life. There are many benefits children, especially young boys, can get from reading books.

Reading books help them widen their vocabulary and improve their grammar. Similarly, books challenges their imagination and helps improve their visual and conceptual skills.

While many children possess a natural love for reading books, most young boys see literature as a boring and monotonous subject. Needless to say, teaching young boys to love books is a very difficult and tiring task.

How can you get boys to love books? Fortunately, there are several proven ways that you might want to consider.

Start at an early age

Allan Ahlberg, the best-selling author of popular children’s books such Each Peach Pear Plum, Pee-po!, The Baby’s Catalogue and Burglar Bill, says that “if you want your children to love books, start them early.”

It is essential that you teach boys the value of reading and encourage them to read books at an early age. Reading bedtime stories to boys also challenges their imagination and encourages them to read books on their own.

Make reading part of your child’s daily routine

It is also necessary that you make reading books a part of your child’s daily routine. Regular reading time can go a long way in instilling one’s love for books. By making reading books a daily routine and setting at least 30 minutes of reading each day, you make reading more natural and more freewheeling to boys.  

Try e-books, pictures books for a change

Another great yet unusual way of encouraging boys to love books is by using different variations. Picture books and other visual reading materials help young readers to better understand the story. Similarly, since children are more exposed to technology nowadays, you can use e-books as additional reading materials.

Tour your child in your local library  

You should also tour your child in your local library at least once a month. Doing so exposes young boys to the diverse and colorful world literature. Likewise, you provide them with an opportunity to choose the books they’re going to read. Giving boys the power to choose empowers them and makes them more interested in what you are saying/teaching.

Be a role model

Unfortunately, children aren’t the only ones who are bored with reading – most adults are bored with reading. As a parent teaching the value of reading books, you should act as a role model and read books yourself. Boys often mimic their parents.