How to get your Child Organized for School

Let’s face it. Children are not as organized as we would sometimes like them to be. This can be a big problem when dealing with school. Have no fear. There are several ways that can get your child back into the uniformity of school that are simple and mindless after a few weeks of learning the new routine.

A lot of kids now have block scheduling. This can cause a lot of confusion; four classes one day and then four totally new classes the next day. To keep your kids in the groove with their schedule, get them separate backpacks for their different days. The first backpack is for the first four classes and the second backpack for the next four classes. Make sure that the backpacks don’t look the same. This can cause great confusion as well. Most schools label the days by the school colors. For example, the first day is a Navy day and the second day is an Orange day. This does not mean that your kid has to have a Navy backpack and an Orange backpack. However, you should label the backpack so that they know which is which. Inside the small front pocket of the backpack write the color of the day on the top of an index card, then list the classes that go with that color, and the room numbers for each class, if applicable. Do the same for the other backpack. This will ensure that your child will not get lost in school for the first couple of weeks and it will help them remember which backpack goes with which day.

Kids have different subjects in school. Some subjects require their own notebooks, others don’t. If your child is forgetful, don’t load them down with lots of different notebooks. Get them a five subject notebook and label each subject with a different class. This will keep their homework in the right section of the notebook which will help them to locate it later. If your child is not forgetful, different notebooks are fine. Label the cover of each notebook so that your child remembers which notebook is which. Different colors sometimes help too. This can also be done with folders. Although, it is always a good idea to have one folder labeled “homework” where your child can put all of their worksheets so that they are all in the same place when the time comes to do homework.

Kids do better with routine. Try not to change it up. If you have dinner before homework, continue that pattern. If you have homework before chores, continue that pattern. Designate a special spot for backpacks. Have your child pack their backpack right after completing their homework so that nothing gets left behind. If your child takes their lunch to school, schedule a time during the night for them to make their lunch. It can be right after school, right before bedtime, or anytime. Just keep it consistent. The key to organization is routine. Stick with the same routine, and your child should do fine.