How to Handle Inappropriate Remarks from your Classmates

School is an important stage in human development, where students learn interesting new ideas as they prepare to enter the real world. Classmates can be your best friends, or your worst enemies. Classmates joke with each other, tease each other, and may even make inappropriate comments. Depending on what the comments are and how serious they are, there are a variety of ways to handle inappropriate remarks from classmates.

-1) Ignore them.

One way to handle inappropriate comments is to just let them go. If someone is acting like a bully and has insulted you, they may have done so to try to get a rise out of you. If it is not a serious issue, sometimes ignoring a comment and showing that you do not care is an easy way to resolve the problem.

-2) Address the issue directly.

Another way to handle an inapporpiate comment is to address it directly. For example, if one of your friends made a joke at your expense and it really bothered you, talking to your friend may be a way to resolve the issue. Sometimes comments are meant to be funny that are not, so getting to the bottom of the issue may be the best way to go in this case.

-3) Consult an authority figure.

If an inappropriate comment is serious, then it is entirely appropriate to approach a teacher or another authority figure to resolve the issue. For example, if you feel that you are being emotionally harassed in any way, talk to someone about it. Teachers or parents are a great resource to help you resolve an issue that stems from an inappropriate comment made by a classmate.

-4) Stay calm.

Sometimes when someone makes an inappropriate comment it can be upsetting, but it is important to maintain your composure. Losing your cool may lead to saying something equally inappropriate in response. Instead, you can use reason to show that the comment is completely inappropriate, or to persuade the individual that his choice of words was not correct. Reducing tension rather than escalating the situation is often a smart decision.

There are a number of ways to deal with inappropriate comments made by classmates. It is valuable to gauge the situation, think clearly, and then decide how best to respond. And if an inappropriate comment is bringing you down, try to remember the old age “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.