How to have a Wonderful first Day of School

The first day of school can be the most wonderful experience in the world for a child and parent, or it can be an absolute nightmare that last for days, if not weeks.

It isn’t as if you woke up one day and suddenly found out your child is going to go to school this year. The first day of school actually begins months before opening day. How your child reacts is up to you as a parent.

To get your child ready for the first day of school takes some ingenuity as a parent. You may even have to become a psychologist for a few sessions. The way your child perceives school is directly related to the parent’s perception. If you are excited and happy, guess what, they will be also.

Take little mini trips and drive past the school. You might even want to go visit the school while it is still in session before summer break. Walk around the school; visit the library, the lunchroom, meet the principal and receptionist. Let them get to know some key faces in the school.

If you know who your child’s teacher is going to be it would be great to let them meet him/her. Stop by and see if by chance she has a supply list for her class that you might be able to get. Then as the summer progresses you can be building up that momentum for the first day. Go shopping for school supplies and really talk it up to your child. Make this a grand occasion!

Talk about school at least 2-3 times a week. As you are reading bedtime stories you want to let your child know that soon they will be learning to read too. This is always a biggie with little ones. Learning to read is one of the most exciting times for kids.

Once the day finally arrives to actually go through the doors, your child is ready and willing. They have a positive mindset that school is cool. It is fine to stay for a few minutes when you take your child, but the sooner you leave and let the teacher take over, the better it is for your child. Don’t be door magnets; let them stand on their own two feet. The teacher has it under control.

If you have done your part ahead of time, you will have no worries. When they get home from that first day, make it a celebration. Be sure to put their first work on the frig!