How to help a Child get Organized for School

It’s that time of year again.  School bells ringing, playgrounds filled with children, yellow school buses everywhere.  It’s time for school to be back in session.  Students are anxiously awaiting their first assignments from their teachers as the school year kicks into full swing.  But, before the kids hit the books it’s important to have them organized and ready for school in general.  Not only will this provide a better learning environment for the child but will also teach them the importance of organization.  Here are a few tips to help your child get organized and ready for school.

Designate an area in your home for home work and studying to be completed.  The area designated doesn’t have to be huge but it should be neat and tidy stocking only the essentials like paper, pens and pencils.  The less clutter the better.  The area could be a desk in their room or house, the kitchen table or a quiet corner some where in the home.  Ideally the area should be well lit, quiet and uncluttered.  It is also a good idea to specify a specific time for home work to be worked on.  Getting into a scheduled routine will greatly increase the development of good study habits in your child and help them stay organized.

Having a good backpack or book bag is a back to school essential and a key way for your child to keep their things organized to and from school.  The backpack or book bag doesn’t have to be anything fancy but should have one or two pockets for keeping things like pens, pencils and crayons contained.  The bag should also have plenty of room for things such as school books and notebooks.  It is a good idea to have your child clean out their backpack or book bag once a week or at least every two weeks to keep it uncluttered and organized and to prevent from any assignments being lost or misplaced. 

Another key way to help your child stay organized for school is to have a good notebook binder.  Depending on what grade your child is in will determine if you need just a simple one inch binder or a five subject notebook binder.  Typically elementary students need just a one inch binder to get assignments to and from school but older students will need more sections for the different classes they are taking.  Labeling the different sections and keeping the class work in separate sections will help keep your child organized and on top of their assignments.  The notebook binder is the perfect organizing tool for keeping school communications and assigned class work and notes all in one convenient place.

Getting organized for school doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  Helping your child get ready and organized for school will not only help them learn the importance of organization but will also impact their overall success throughout the school year.  Teaching and maintaining good
organization is a skill that will become a life long asset as they grow and head off to college and the work place.