How to help a Child who Doesn’t like his Teacher

It happens, your child comes home from school and tells you they don’t like the teacher.  They begin to blame everything on the teacher, from not understanding the work to making their life miserable.  It’s hard to know what to do, since as parents, we want to protect our children from uncomfortable and stressful situations.  When this happens there are steps to take to help your child deal with the problem. 

Talk to your child and ask them why they don’t like their teacher.  It may be that the teacher gives out too much work or is too hard on the class or child.  It could also be something else, maybe the teacher is inappropriate or belittles the child.  It’s sad but true, there are some teachers that just aren’t meant for the profession.  Once you have established the reasons why your child doesn’t like the teacher it’s time to work on accepting them anyway.  This, however, is done only once you have determined that there isn’t more to the story.  

It may be a good idea to meet with the teacher and express your child’s concerns.  Do this without saying the child doesn’t like the teacher though.  Many times the toughest teachers turn out to be the best ones so it’s important to teach your child to work with them. 

Explaining that the teachers job is to not only teach a subject but prepare them for the next grade or step in life is important.  Use age appropriate examples the child can relate to.  For example, if your child is in elementary school, remind them how hard it was to learn simple tasks such as getting dressed.  At some point the child may have struggled to complete the task,  but if they didn’t they wouldn’t have learned how. 

If your child is older, have them meet with the teacher and tell them how they feel, whether they are over whelmed with the work or feel like they need more help.  Most teachers will respect the honesty and put in extra time to help the child understand the material. 

If you child just doesn’t like the teacher then this is a lesson on how to deal with people in life that you may not like.  This will happen all throughout their life, perhaps with a boss or college professor, and knowing how deal with this will help them later in life.  

If there are valid reasons why your child may not like a teacher or they just can’t manage being in the class and it becomes unproductive, it may be necessary to have the child moved.  You should meet with the administration and make your request and give valid reasons why.  This should be a last result unless the teacher is doing something unacceptable.