How to help Children Improve Handwriting

Handwriting is important even today when use of technology has skyrocketed leaving many things that used to be done by hand to computers, smart phones and other electronic devices. 

Good handwriting is often established when you are a child. If you learn to write well and legibly early on you often do not deteriorate too much as you grow older.

If you have a child whose handwriting could use some improvement there are several things you can do to help them:


The best way to improve is to practice, practice, practice. There is no getting around it, if you want your child to have better handwriting they are going to need to spend time working at it. It is not something they are going to just naturally start dong on their own. Incorporate practicing handwriting into their homework time. Take 15 or 20 minutes each night and dedicate it to working on handwriting.

Use workbooks

There are many tools out there that can help teach your child how to better form the letters and words. Take advantage of these workbooks. There are books for every level – from those that are just starting out and learning to print to those that are learning how to write cursive.

Be creative

Ask your child to write a letter to Santa, to their grandparents or start a correspondence with a pen pal anything to get them writing. It can be something fun for them and they will not even realize that the goal is to help them improve their writing skills. Writing letters or creating a scrapbook where they have to write words can help motivate them to think about the way that they are writing because they will want it to look good and be readable. After your child has written a letter look it over and praise them for the areas they did well and gently point out to them where they could improve. By pointing out to them that it is hard to read a certain word that they wrote they often will want to try and make it better.

Improving your child’s handwriting is going to take time and effort. If you dedicate yourself to helping them and are creative in the ways that you get them to practice writing they will not hate working on their handwriting and over time you can expect to see some results. Don’t expect your child’s handwriting to magically improve one day – if you want to see it get better you have to be willing to work with your child.