How to help Children Settle for Bed on School Nights

Children have an immense level of energy sometimes, and this can be particularly manifested in the evening hours right before bedtime. Some parents avoid conflict by letting kids stay up a bit later, but this can have negative consequences if the children are tired in school the next day. The reality of raising children is that sometimes parents have to make unpopular decisions for the good of their children’s health and wellness. Therefore, parents must be ready to help children settle into bed on school nights. In addition, they may have to adjust their strategy, as the children get a bit older.

Skip the snacks

One way to get the kids to sleep is to avoid certain snacks right before bedtime. This includes sugary desserts and other treats, as well as juices and sodas. These may be desirable items for kids, but unfortunately they can raise their blood sugar and cause them to experience trouble going to sleep. Therefore, if kids are going to eat anything, they should stick with small healthy snacks or small drinks of water.

Establish a routine

Getting kids to bed is often about starting early and making sure that the kids have plenty of warning that bedtime is coming. Making sure that kids are used to certain steps can help speed the process along. If parents do not put together some sort of routine, they may be trying to re-create the wheel, which can be a definitive challenge if kids are unwilling to go along with the current plan for the evening.

Anticipating the delays

Finally, getting kids to bed on school nights is about taking steps to avoid the delays and stalling techniques that children are so adept at developing and implementing on a regular basis. Therefore, savvy parents will make sure that their kids are read the proper amount of stories, given the obligatory drinks of water, sent to the bathroom one last time, and tucked in bed with the proper blanket, bear, or other stuffed animal.

Bedtime does not have to be major ordeal, but it can be a battle if parents are not prepared to deal with the unique strategies of their wonderful children who do not want to go to bed. If parents are willing to put a routine in place and stand firm, they can get their kids to bed on school nights, so they are well rested and ready to engage each school day to the best of their ability.