How to help your Child Create a Homework Schedule

Homework has a much greater educational value than just giving a child something to do while at home in the evening. Homework helps children develop habits of mind; which helps them learn to organize tasks and manage time, both of which are essential tools necessary for adults later in life. As parents, it’s our responsibility to help our children create a homework schedule.

Set a time

Remember, all children are different. This means that not all children will want to begin homework as soon as they get home. Some may need some down time. It is not unusual for some children to take a break from academic studies and have a snack first. They might even enjoy some time with friends or even some time alone before starting homework. This delay will also depend on how quick they are at getting their homework done. Those who take longer to complete assignments will no doubt need a shorter break.Some children do better when their brain is still in learning mode. For these children, it’s usually best to begin homework as soon as possible upon getting home.

Find a place

Some children will work better in a quiet place, alone, like in their bedroom. Some may perform better in the midst of noises like in the dining area or family room. Your help may be required by some, and others may do better alone. This will depend upon the child, so let this be their decision. Allow them some control when creating their schedule. It will make them more interested and they’ll feel more in charge and less like they’re being controlled. Whatever place they choose, make sure to have it organized with the supplies they may need to complete any assignments. Have extra paper and pens, markers, glue, scissors and construction paper. They will be more successful if they don’t have to constantly stop to get up and go looking for something.

Set the schedule

After allowing your child to choose the time, place, and necessary supplies to have on hand, have them to set aside a time. They will need to stick to the time that is chosen every day, regardless of what may come up unexpectedly. After a while, this new schedule will become routine.

By allowing your child to have some say-so and control over their own homework schedule, you will find that the old homework arguments will fade.