How to help your Child Create a Homework Schedule

Your child will achieve great success in school this year, if you teach them to create an effective homework schedule. A homework schedule consist of a scheduled time each evening to set aside to do the homework that has been assigned in school. A clearly marked calendar will aid your child with the organizational skills that are needed to complete all of the homework assignments in a scheduled time.

A syllabus must be obtained  for the designated class or classes from the teacher. It is best to go over this syllabus with your child in order to make certain that the directions are clearly understood. The parent is responsible for making certain that the child has all of the needed material to successfully complete the home work assignment. A clear, uncluttered desk or table should be set aside in order for the child to complete their homework assignment uninterrupted by television or the family pet. Your child won’t be able to use that old lame excuse that “the dog ate my homework.”

The parent must strongly encourage their child to complete all of the assignments without delay. At times a teacher might have a parent sign off on all of the homework that has been completed. A parent must make certain that their child does not procrastinate or wait up until the very last minute. For those long projects, a time line may be necessary to keep your child on task each evening. It is very important that the child does not deviate from the schedule until the assignment is completed. This means eliminating watching television or playing video games until the assignment is complete. 

Parents must exercise tough love and not succumb to the whining, pleading and begging to deviate from the designated schedule. In other words, the parents must run a tight ship.

Home work can be fun and rewarding for the child. The very first time your child is successful at completing his or her assignment, please congratulate your child and let them know you expect them to continue in that manner through out the entire school year. Before you know it, they will be completing their homework assignment without any help or urging from their parents. 

Parents must remember to only help their children in this endeavor. For certain, in the near future they will be scheduling on their very own. So, reap the rewards of a good education and enjoy your well planned and productive school year with your child