How to help your Child Create Homework Schedule

Kids have an aversion to homework. They will do just about anything to not do their assignments. They can come home from school with a number of excuses why there is no homework, and yet when report cards come in, it turns out there is a number of homework assignments missing. Disciplinary actions may follow, and yet the cycle will continue.

In order to take control of your child’s homework and grades, set up a working timetable. Have a schedule where your kids do their schoolwork before they are allowed to go do something for themselves. This sort of arrangement makes fun activities a privilege granted only after homework is complete. In order for this plan to work, any tales about no homework should be considered false until proven true. To help keep this homework schedule going without any false tales, a parent may invest in a planner for their child. The planner should be filled out everyday at school with new assignments. This relieves the child from the struggle of forgetting homework.

The best time for homework to be completed is immediately upon arrival home from school. In that case, your child would still be in the school mindframe and would still retain the knowledge from the day’s teachings. Plus, with homework being done sooner, your child can come home from hanging out and go to sleep peacefully. This plan can go through even if your child has after-school activities. Simply upon arriving home they can start working on their assignment in order to clear the rest of the day for recreational activities.

A good habit for a parent to get into is checking their child’s homework on occasion – especially in the kid’s teen years. Teens may say they have done their homework – and they may have, but the quality may be horrible. Poor effort is something that must be discouraged. Examining homework from time to time will be a check for both unfinished homework and bad quality. A good quote to live by is “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” In this case, if the homework quality is bad, then it is probably safe to assume that most of their written work was done with similar quality. To help your child, make them redo their work with better value.

Another thing for a parent to take control over is studying. Tests are very important for final grades and studying is usually the only way to pass them. Parents should know when tests are and take action as exams approach. Making your kids study is very important, because chances are they do not like to do it. Parents who wish to improve their child’s grades may even go to ban the kid from going out with friends the day before a test and devote the day to studying and review. This would at least ensure that some time was spent on studying.

These are just ways to get a better hold of your child’s school work and help your kid get better grades. Homework may be a pain, but it does count for large portions of grades. Good luck!