How to Improve Spelling in Young Students

Improving spelling in young students takes time and effort. It is not only the job of the teacher, but the parents also need to get involved, and see to it that the child is able to spell words correctly. Students can also be encouraged to get into groups, and test each other on different words.

One common method used by elementary school teachers in order to teach little children how to spell is breaking words up, and using phonics to help them. Teachers can use flash cards to help children relate to different words, and this gives them an idea of how to break words up, and reason out how to spell. Television for example is a long and difficult word for a child to spell. This word can be broken up different parts for example, tele=vi=sion. Breaking up of words will help young students a lot when it comes to spelling, as well as helping them with pronunciation of these words as well.

Teachers can encourage young students by learning the spelling of words by having quizzes once a week. A quiz will help children to learn faster, and by spot testing at least one child, that child can see where it is that he/she is going wrong with spelling.

Students can also be encouraged to take part in selling Bs where they will have to compete with other students who may be better ot worst in spelling than they are. These sort of healthy competition will actually help the young student to improve the spelling skills as it pushes them to work harder and understand what they have learnt, and of course they get a chance to see just how good they are compared to their peers.

Students also need to learn different laws of words, and apply these laws. Teachers and parents  need to see to it that the children are actually learning these laws. one such law is the ‘i’ before the ‘e’. Students should also learn the difference between vowels and constance.  This is quite important as learning all these things will improve their spelling in the long run. Students should also be given extra help in learning to use a dictionary as this will help them every time they need to look up the spelling of a complicated word that they are not sure of, and also they can check up meanings of words that they are not sure of.