How to keep Bored Students Interested in Class Activities

Are you wondering what you can do to keep your students motivated? Do your students seem bored to tears? Are you putting your students to sleep with your teaching style? Not all students will love the subject you teach as much as you do, but you can make it more exciting and get your students actively engaged in learning using the following strategies.

Make it relevant

One of the first things you will need to do is to make your class relevant to your students. If you teach math, you should be sure to show your students how math will affect their everyday lives. For example, you could teach your students how to balance their check books and how to make a family budget. You can use fun games like Monopoly or the Price is Right to help your students get a better understanding of money management, investing, and economic pricing. If you teach English, you can it relevant to your students by teaching them how to write resumes and how to answer job interview questions. Home Economics students can learn how to plan a family menu.  No matter which subject you teach, you should strive to make that subject relevant to your students.

Across the Curriculum

You can keep your students engaged by teaching across the curriculum. Literature, History, Art, and Science all have things in common. Literature students who are studying works from a particular time period can write a research paper that can also be used in history class. Art students can compose paragraphs to describe their work.

Group work

Students love to work in groups. So, why not let them. Place your students in cooperative learning groups and let them work on class projects together. Cooperative groups allow students to learn from each other. These groups also teach your students how to work as a team and how to resolve conflict.


Your students may forget your lecture, but they will remember the fun project that they completed for your class. Have them make things with their hands. If you teach science, assign your students lab work. Have them invent their own solar system and make a model of it. Literature students can make story quilts, film commercials, and design soundtracks for novels that they are reading. History students can construct models of famous historical places or events.

Freelance writing/blogging

Students in all disciplines can even design their own blog. On their blog, students can share ideas and important information that they have learned in class. You can also help them enter the world of freelance writing by having them join an on-line writing company. On many of the on-line sites, they can post their poems, essays, and research papers. Just be sure to check these papers before they are submitted for publication.

Educational games

Educational games are a great way to get bored students interested in class. You can purchase these games or you can opt to design them yourself using computer software. If you don’t want to purchase software, you can use every day items that can be purchased at your local store. Better yet, you can have your students design their own games and present them to the class.

Field trips/outdoor activities

Schedule a field trip for your class that relates to your subject area. English teachers can take their students to watch live performances of plays. History teachers can take their students to a museum or a historical site. Science teachers can have their students observe and document animal, insect, or bird behavior.

Power point presentations

Students love to use computers and other forms of technology. Let them design a power point presentation. This power point should be about one aspect of your subject area. They can construct it using the guidelines that you provide.

Don’t bore your students to tears. Allow your students to work in groups. Have them design power point presentations. Let them create their own fun, educational games. Make your students active participants in the learning process.