How to Maintain Good Homework Habits

Getting homework done on a timely basis was a constant challenge for me until I got to College.   In elementary and high school, I had tried all kinds of well-intentioned schemes to put homework assignments behind me but none were successful.   My efforts went for naught as the school work began to pile up.  

In college, however, I was completely on my own and knew I had to get working on a successful way to keep up with classes and the inevitable homework assignments.   A friend of mine knew my concerns and suggested I follow his daily routine.   It was a very simple, daily approach to the process of learning.   Simple yes….but not always easy.

His approach was really fundamental to the process of learning.   Two daily goals were involved:  to make sure he understood everything that was taught in class that day and to make certain the homework assigned in that class was done that evening.   If something the instructor said or did eluded my friend, he asked questions during and after the session, if necessary, to make certain he understood.   While not always easy, the vast majority of instructors and professors would take the time needed to complete further explanation. In any event my friend left many classrooms secure in the knowledge he obtained.

Following the work in class, the completion of homework made the day and his goal was complete.   No matter the activity, sports event, clubs, or whatever was scheduled, the homework was done before lights out.   It’s not always easy, but persistence pays off.  

I must say that after some months of effort, I found myself meeting these two objectives most of the time.   I think the approach works and is worth the effort.   I personally realized two distinct benefits from it.  I was always “caught up” and had no past due assignments and at exam time, I did not have to cram.   The constant knowledge gave me a more chronological look at courses and I did not have to flip through text and notes which saved a lot of time.   In addition, my friend and I enjoyed a good movie the night before exams so we would be well rested and refreshed the next day.   Oh yes……my grades improved!