How to Make a Hole Puncher Work

There are different sizes of hole punchers. You can find them in your local office supply store. The single hole puncher is more commonly used by students. This is because they are more portable and can be placed inside of the pencil pouch in a notebook. There are double hole punchers sometimes used for computer printouts. You also have your triple hole punchers. A lot of teachers use these in their classes or homes. It makes it easier to add test papers to their notebooks. Last, but not least, there are also electric hole punchers used for more heavy-duty paper punching. These are more commonly used in warehouses and big businesses.

A single hole puncher needs to be slid onto the paper sideways. It is best to only place a few pieces of papers inside. If you try to punch holes in several sheets of paper at once, it usually results in disaster. Use only about five sheets of thin paper. Thicker paper is more complicated and it is best to only do two or three sheets at a time. Place the hole puncher to the side of the paper where the holes are needed. Slide it onto the paper, making sure you place the holes exactly where they are needed. Keeping a firm grip on the paper, squeeze the handles together to make your hole. Another way to make sure the holes are properly placed is to punch holes in one sheet of paper where they are needed. After doing that, place the piece of paper on top of the other sheets of papers that need holes. This gives you a stencil to go by and you are less apt to make a mistake.

When you have a lot of papers to punch holes in, it is better to have a hole puncher that makes the amount of holes needed in one punch. These are easier for most people. You place the hole puncher on a table or desk. Slide your paper into it evenly and punch the lever down. Making a stencil can also help you punch your holes faster, but it is not necessary. As long as you do not try to stuff too many sheets of paper inside the hole puncher at one time, it should work just fine.

One problem you may run into is when you do insert too many sheets of paper, the holes will turn out uneven or incomplete. Practice on throw-away papers first to make sure you get it right. Always make sure you apply enough pressure. If you do not, it will not work properly. You will only have indentations when you are done. This makes your paper look messy especially if the indentations are in the wrong place. The paper will also get stuck and can rip apart.

Heavy duty electric hole punchers are nice, but you still have to be careful. If you pop the papers in too quickly, you will end up with holes in all the wrong places. Be precise and test it first. After using it several times, you will get the hang of it. As you learn to use it, you will be popping papers in there faster than you ever imagined.

Remember, practice first, take your time until you get use to the hole puncher, and do not try and put too many sheets of paper in at one time. If you try to hurry and place too many sheets in, you will end up tugging and pulling, tearing your papers apart. Also, use a stencil with the smaller hole punchers. It really does help to punch the hole in the right places.

If you are fortunate enough to own one of those bad boys that do everything for you, all you have to do is load the paper. The biggest problem you have is when they stop working.