How to Make Homework Enjoyable

The word homework may strike dread into not only children, but adults alike, but this needn’t be the case.  Simple things to make homework a fun activity whilst absorbing information can be both a pleasurable experience for every individual concerned with the help of a few key points.

The first thing to remember is that homework isn’t a chore.  This may not seem like the best way to spend your precious free time on an evening and weekend especially after doing school work all day, but it can be rewarding.

When planning homework set out each task individually and ‘nibble away’ at it.  There is nothing fun about spending all night trying to concentrate on work when you are tired so by breaking the work down into realistic categories then harmony can be achieved.

If your child is given say 4 weeks, for example, to complete a homework book then break down which work is to be attempted and set goals of when to do it.  It’s far more enriching to nibble away at small amounts than to face a mammoth amount in one go where in all honestly the work would be rushed and not show the best of their abilities. Telling children to hurry and write more will simply turn the child against you and make any attempts at homework futile in the future.

Rewards should also be given when each task is completed whether it will be an hour’s television viewing or even something simple like a bar of chocolate. If the child knows a reward is pending then it will drive them to finish the work without too much complaining.

Aiming to do homework around early evening time or weekends is also beneficial as their energy levels are still high at this time – late at night is not the right time to start or even contemplate such an activity.  After their nightly homework is completed then some ‘child time’ has to be given – all work and no play makes jack a dull boy and never has a truer word been spoken.  Children have to be allowed to be children and should be praised for their efforts no matter what but there is no reason why homework can’t be seen as a game.

With simple planning techniques such as the above and setting realistic times of studying, then homework will be tolerated and, dare it be said, can even be classed as an enjoyable hobby.