How to make homework less overwhelming

Homework can be overwhelming for many students. Handling the constant pressure from classes, school work, social interaction and family life, homework can pose a major hurdle for many students attending class. But homework doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here are a few strategies for handling lots of homework.

Do homework in batches

Multitasking is a skill many of us like to boast about but in reality, multitasking is actually quite detrimental to getting a lot of homework done. With pages upon pages of homework to complete, it’s easy to jump from subject to subject as interest dips over long amounts of period.

The best strategy for handling lots of homework is to do each set in batches. Batching breaks down the homework tasks into manageable chunks to be done within intervals.

For each class required, focus on only one topic at a time. Set milestones along the way as each group of homework is completed, then reward yourself and take small breaks in between to help focus.

Ask for help or find study groups

With so much homework required throughout school, it is very beneficial to suck up your pride and find others for help. Because other students will be working toward the same goals, you can find many study groups that will help finish homework in a respectable amount of time.

Another strategy for handling lots of homework is to even ask your teacher. Teachers have allotted times to answer questions from students; take advantage of this time to clarify information regarding the homework. Once you have a greater understand of the tasks at hand, you will effectively build a strategy to do lots of homework.

Don’t memorize everything

One of the biggest mistakes many students make when doing homework is to cram all of the information within the small amount of space. In fact, teachers don’t want you to bog down homework with relentless information; it’s better to understand the concepts and replicate them than to try to cover every single detail.

Your brain will subconsciously forget information the more you try to retain it. Only information worth knowing will be absorbed. To use this strategy effectively, pull out only the most important information from the text and reinforce it throughout your homework.

Make it fun

Homework is boring; there’s not many students that actively enjoy doing homework each night but it must be done to succeed.

The best strategy to finish a lot of homework is to make it into an enjoyable activity. The first step to creating homework which is fun is to build it as a good habit; do it every day and soon it won’t feel like work.

The next step in making your homework fun is to treat it much like a game. Reward yourself after you finish each section correctly.

The final tip to make your homework fun is to make it larger than life. You generally remember information that seems too big to be true; try to make every bit of information (and homework) as if it’s a giant quest – down to silly elements much like you find in fantasy.

A single strategy which helps you the most with homework 

Of course, there are many different tips and tricks for doing a lot of homework but the best way is be passionate about your goals and classes. If you’re in grade school, look toward your future goals and understand how your homework can help you achieve these goals.

College students who get to decide upon their class have a great opportunity; they are able to follow their passion. If you’re passionate about the topics you’re taking, lots of homework won’t feel so overwhelming in the end.