How to Make very Young Children Behave in Class

Young children are still adapting to a class room full of different faces, and clashes of personality in a new schoolroom.

At first their behavior is mainly due to their confusion of all that must be absorbed in a short space of time. Making, is a forceful term to aid their proper conduct. This is compounded when a new teacher takes charge in place of a familiar face they once knew at home, or with a babysitter.

They find themselves in a very contrasting group of interaction to what was once their daily surrounds, adding to their young attention span not having yet been developed. It takes a patient, fun loving teacher to turn this situation around, and a good place to start is by attracting their attention by surprise.

This is where a good teacher is able to utilize their own skills having taken on this age group to coax in the first place. Try a tactic when the children seem at their most disruptive level of cohesion.

We underestimate that young children love to take on the role of responsibility, and if the class is too noisy, blow a whistle when they least expect it. Grab the moment of quiet in their utter surprise and attention, to call one by name to the front of the class. Another tactic is added here as curiosity, for kids are inquisitive, as well as quicker than granted, to learn.

Once having heard that the youngster brought forward was not punished – as would have been their first expectation – instead they see that there is a reward. Management from attraction to curiosity, has all ears tuned to why this kid was chosen, until they understand they too will have their turn. Not only that, but a reward!

The teacher, having known ahead that so many new and mixed emotions in a classroom full of little souls, will be prepared with proof. Each child will have a role to be king or queen for an hour – a monitor – keeping an eye open for the teacher, on those restless kids. A VIP position with a crown to prove it!

Having the party paper crowns which the teacher has at hand, each will have their name written on theirs, as they take their turn to help rule a disorderly classroom. With the chosen one given pride of place at the front of the class, facing the kids, this will literally feel like the being a sovereign pupil. Their hawk eyes all invasive on the now more suppressed children.

In truth, all want a turn at being up front, and in charge with the teacher. Interaction has brought about a different kind of calm they have never had. What seems like a game has become serious business, as each hour of each day passes, it isn’t long before the class is filled with kings and queens within a week.

Too proud to lose these symbols of majesty, they prove to have more respect not only for their teacher, but slowly, strangers become bonded within the classroom. Having all gained the honor of their crown, it might be a quicker way then any form of punishment for misbehaving.

Once the class if filled with royalty, if there must be any penalty, it could be that the pupil must re-sit to earn their crown back. They won’t like it, but, they will also not want to be the only one left without one on their head.

It is one way to help young children learn they are a part of a whole now, and in turn becomes a curbing tool to keeping their behavior under control.

Trustworthiness adds to both teacher and those in ones care, bringing with it a warmth of belonging to a group of happy pupils.