How to Prepare a Child for Repeating a Grade

This is the hardest part of my life I had to go through. When my child was in the First grade they wanted to leave him back . They said his English needs to be worked on. But our main language was English. They also had other excuses. I definitely as a young mother I studied my options.

1. Write to child study team. They will definitely guide you.
2. Talk to your neighbors ,they will have advise for you.
3. Talk to your child teachers.

I then spoke to my child and asked him what he wanted. Of course he said he wanted to proceed to the next grade. One of my options when talking to his teacher were to have him evaluated and tested by a psychiatrist. Oh boy,” I said to myself”. I had to put my pride aside and follow through for my son.

After I had him evaluated. He tested at a higher level than what his teachers thought of him. It turns out too be he was just bored and was actually in need of a challenge.

But if you need to prepare your child to repeat the same grade and you have done every thing listed above. Talk with your child. This is a tough process for them. Make sure they understand what is going on. If they don’t, follow steps 1-3. This will help the parents and child.

Speak with the teachers keep the line of communication open. They are experienced and are able to walk you through the process of helping you and your child.

I would also suggest play groups with the children he will be spending most of his time with. This will encourage your child to have experience , communication, and confidence that he needs when repeating the same grade.

Time is a necessary . Have that line of communication open for you and your child will be necessary when going thought this process. Both parents and child will learn so much about them selves. If you choose not to have your child evaluated . There is always communication which will is a process of learning. Be your child teacher.

Don’t forget to speak to other parents, teachers, your neighbors. They will be able to guide you, advise you. Purchase work books , read to your child, to prepare him or her for the next step, which is repeating the same grade. Also don’t forget your self . Every thing takes time. Most of all its the hard work and confidence that gets us through.

Having the will power of getting to know your child is a must. Having the will power to work with your child is hard work. Helping hands is all it takes. Patience is the number one key in life. Sometimes we don’t know how much love we have with in us to show, give especially when it comes to intelligence.