How to Set up a Homework Schedule for your Child

Homework is probably the last thing on your child’s mind when he/she walks through the door after school.  However, completing homework and completing it properly are important if you want your child to obtain and maintain good grades.  This may not always be easy, as extracurricular activities and family events may lessen the amount of time your child has to complete his/her homework.  These problems may be compounded if your child needs to complete a large school project within a certain timeframe.  However, if you plan correctly, your child will be able to competently complete all of his/her homework.

The best way to for your child to timely and competently complete all of his/her homework is to prepare a schedule.  A schedule is something that your child can read and understand such that there are no surprises when it comes to completing homework.  Dedicate a certain part of the day to completing homework.  However keep the timeframe flexible as other situations may arise.

You should create the homework schedule on a weekly basis.  Weekly schedules are good because you and your child will most likely know all of the events happening for the current week.  Planning too far in advance may be a waste of time, as new events and conflicts could arise that completely alter the schedule.  As such, stick with a weekly schedule.

Talk with your child to discover when he/she wants to complete homework.  Some children like to relax for an hour or two when they get home and complete homework after dinner, while others like to get their homework out of the way as soon as possible. Forcing your child to adhere to a schedule that he/she does not like will result in problems getting the homework done on time and getting the homework done properly.  As such, ask you child and if his/her preferred time does not interfere with any other activities or events, schedule that time.

There may be times when your child has only a little homework and there may be times when your child is swamped.  As such, a flexible schedule is necessary to accommodate these varying levels of homework.  Additionally, if extracurricular activities (such as sports, scholastic organizations, youth groups, religious classes, and/or preplanned family events) conflict with the homework schedule, you have to be willing to alter the times of the schedule so that both the homework and the extracurricular activity can be completed.

Remember, a homework schedule will help your child complete his/her homework in a timely, competent manner.  However, plan around extracurricular events and keep the schedule flexible to accommodate for differing levels of homework and for preplanned events.