How to Set up a Homework Schedule for your Child

One of the most dreaded tasks that await children as they return to school is, of course, homework. Their reluctance to step up and do the work is natural, after all who wants to spend your time outside of school inside doing more schoolwork? However, for the sake of grades and good work ethnic it must be completed. But how do you encourage your child to get through it, at reasonable hours? Well here are some tips:

1. When your child comes home from school the first thing that’s usually on their mind is, “Can I have a snack?” While you may think to tell them to get their homework out of the way first, children need a few small breaks for them to do a good job. Healthy, yet tasty, snacks are the key to giving them energy along with a full stomach. Carrots and celery often make for a popular treat and you can offer it with some type of dip such as low fat ranch dressing. Microwavable meals are easy to prepare and if you search around the supermarket you’re bound to find some your kids will love. They even sell small microwavable cups of macaroni and cheese that take only minutes to make. Hot-pockets also make for a good snack that come in many different types that your child can choose from. Whatever you choose, just make sure it’s not too much or else you won’t get him/her to eat their dinner!

2. Once your child has finished a snack, if they wanted one, it’s time to open those school books and start to work. It’s best to start with the subjects your child despises the most, since this is the point when they’re feeling most refreshed and focuses. Make sure they have all the tools they need, and set them up in a zone with little distraction, which means making sure the TV and electronics aren’t on and in sight. Although the dining table is a common place to do homework, it’s also usually a place many people walk in and out of. This isn’t good because it may frustrate your child or ruin their concentration. Stay in hearing range, in case the call for help and offer your assistance if they want it.

3. Once your child has finished the latter of the homework and they only have a small section left to do, if you feel they truly need a break you can allow one. It’s best that your child has all their homework finished before dinner, unless they have a mountain of things that need to be done. If you let them wait til after they’ve eaten supper they might beg to watch TV shows and other activities they’ll get hooked on. Make sure your child never waits til bedtime to announce that they have some finishing up to do on their schoolwork, because it’s usually guaranteed that they won’t be done in a small amount of time. If your child has extra time during the morning before school, have them check over their homework in case they made some careless mistakes they looked over before.

An extra note- If your child is involved in sports of clubs, if at all possible, it’s good to have at least some of your homework done beforehand since after running around a soccer field or swimming they may be exhausted. However, if your child goes straight to their activities from school allow them a small break to rest when they arrive home, so they don’t create mistakes they wouldn’t normally do on their homework. Just remember to be supportive and firm when it comes to urging your child on with the dreaded task of homework!