How to Sponsor your Childs School Project

There are many ways to sponsor projects that your child’s school is working on. You can be involved from behind the scenes by volunteering to do work at home or you can become involved and recruit others to help sponsor a school project at the school. Sponsoring does not always have to be a financial donation even though it would be great if the company you work for would donate time or money for a school project.

One such project to sponsor is the Campbell’s labels for education. The schools collect these all year long and have a goal of reaching so many labels to fund something that the school cannot afford. One way to support this project is to be the coordinator. You can put out list for children to take home to their parents so they know what to save. You can go around to each classroom and leave containers for them to deposit the labels. Collect them once a month, cut off just the part of the label they need to submit and keep tallies for each classroom. You can reward the classroom that collects the most at the end of the year by having an ice cream party, or something of that nature. Maybe you would rather be behind the scenes and just take home the labels and cut them down to size for mailing. Either being the coordinator or just working from home both helps to support a worthy cause. Your school will earn something at the end of the year like a book binder machine or a laminator or something that the school can really use.

Another great way is to be a coordinator of a jog-a-thon for your school. Your child’s school may have new playground equipment that they would like to purchase and this is a great way for you to be involved and supporting them. Maybe you could be one of the helpers who collect monies from the kids after the jog-a-thon in the mornings before school starts. Every little bit of volunteering is a great way to support your child’s school projects.  

There are other ways to be supportive too. You could be a person who comes to the classroom once a week and listens to children read. Making sure that children have one on one reading time during school hours is a great school project. Sometimes there are no adults at home to do this with the children and it takes a lot of volunteers to make things like this happen. You are sponsoring No Child Left Behind by doing this.This reform is to raise student achievements. Every little bit of reading encouragement can go a long way!

Maybe your child’s school is having a field trip and they need fifty more dollars to make it happen. You could ask companies to donate to your child’s school and make this important field trip happen.

Maybe it is as simple as helping your child make a square for a quilt the school is making to donate to a needy family.

There are many ways to sponsor your child’s school projects. Sponsoring these projects will give you satisfaction that you put forth the extra effort when you see your child is reaping the rewards. Donating time or money or volunteering for the schools is very important to see that projects are finished for our children’s benefit.