How to Teach your Child to tell Time

Teaching your child time can be a fun and an easy process. You just have to have a clock, paper, a writing tool, and lots of patience. Be sure your child is old enough to tell time. This means your child should be able to count by fives before you start. Otherwise, this will be a very difficult task.

Depending on the age of your child and their counting ability you may want to introduce the concept of the second hand on the clock. Examining how there is sixty seconds in a minute can be reinforced by having your child count to sixty with you. Reminding your child that there are sixty seconds in minute is something you will have to do many times.

Each child will learn differently and uniquely. Do not get frustrated if your child forgets how many seconds are in a minute for the first several weeks. Once you are confident that your child understand minutes you can then introduce the concept of an hour. In many cases, it is helpful to use a digital clock as an example. Having your child check how many minutes have gone by in between certain events can help them to start to understand the concept of time.

Once your child has mastered 60 seconds are in a minute you will then need to teach them that 60 minutes are in an hour. You can use the previous tactics to introduce and help maintain the knowledge of sixty seconds is in a minute and sixty minutes are in an hour. Remind your child daily until they can remember this concept on their own. Once you have mastered the concept of sixty minutes are in an hour you might want to then explain there are twenty four hours in a day. This helps them understand digital clocks better.

There are all sorts of coloring books that can help you child learn to read time. They have flash cards and some games to help your child learn too. Whatever you can find may be helpful to teach your child time and make it easier. You may want to make this a fun and enjoyable process as possible. You never want to force this because they might give up and you will have difficulty getting them to learn in the future. Learning to read time is a basic life skill that is needed throughout your child’s life. If your child does not learn this skill , then they will have problems with math concepts.