How to use Current Events in the Classroom

Teachers do not know it, but current events used in the classroom can be very educational. Current events can cover many subjects, such as history, geography, science, biology, computers and many more just to name a few. Many school children do not take an interest in current events. This is not good as many subjects do require students to take an interest in current events.

Teachers need to make more of an effort to get children to take an interest in current events by encouraging them to watch current affairs shows like the news and documentaries, so that they know what is going on in the real world. Teachers can hold a discussion on current affairs such as politics, and this is a very good subject to be used in history classes. Teachers can use the current state of events such as the war in Iraq and compare the differences and similarities with the past wars such as Vietnam or the Second World War.

Climate Change is an interesting topic for science or geography. When the syllabus includes the ice age or the earths geology such as ozone layer, teachers can use the current information from documentaries on climate change to compare what the earth was like tens of thousands of years ago, to what man is presently doing.

Debates and speeches are a good way to shed light on current events in any sphere suchas history, science or even the ientertainment industry. When learning about a country like The Netherlands or Germany, teachers should not just talk about the past, but also about the present spate of the countries. When conducting classes on India and the political freedom of the country teachers should not fail to mention that although India was once in such dire poverty, the economy is now booming.

Teachers should also have discussions on the current economic recession, and how people are coping. This is a good way to encourage the class to present feedback as it is a problem that is affecting almost everyone. Everyone can learn from these discussions, and it will help the children deal practically with their everyday lives.

Schools should run programs to teach students about the effect of global warming. This is a current event that is currently plaguing our planet, and students should learn how to be self sufficient.  Peace gardens can be planted in schools, and students need to participate.