How to Write a Strong Closing Paragraph

The closing paragraph is the writers last opportunity to leave a good impression on his or her reader. The final paragraph should sum the entire article up in its entirety. Leaving the reader with a strong ending can make a powerful impression that can make or break an article. Following a great beginning and middle is the closing paragraph that stays with the reader and keeps them coming back for more.

Summarize key points

Take a few moments after writing an article or essay to read it and then read through it again. What are the key points? Touching upon the key points in the closing paragraph is a great way to conclude the article. This will remind the reader of the key points and help the reader to make an informed conclusion to what they’ve just read.


Define the article in brevity so that the reader is left with a memory of the article or essay. Create a memory that will linger and encourage the reader to continue thinking about what they’ve read even days after they’ve read it. Encourage the reader with a question that will keep them thinking.


In addition to summarizing any key points reiterate one or two of them again in a creative way using an anecdote or quote that is from the article that is likely to stick with the reader. When something sticks with a reader they are often more likely to be swayed about their decision and that’s exactly what the writer wants at this point.

Stay focused

Keep the closing paragraph tight and to the point without overstating the facts. Omit superfluous wording that may create confusion in the readers mind. Help the reader by keeping the article at an average reading level and not using words that have obscure meanings.


Give a resounding conclusion that makes such perfect sense that the reader has no choice but to agree with the writer. Ask a pertinent question or make a profound statement. Offer the reader a surprising concluding fact that wasn’t mentioned in the article. Leave the reader with a new quote or anecdote that will echo about in their heads for weeks to come.

Readers love an article that takes a fresh approach and a unique look at an everyday topic. The more unique or clever the the closing, the more likely the reader is to mention the article or essay to other like minded potential readers.